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Breakfast 7am to 11am Mon-Fri, to 12pm on Sat and 1pm on Sun
Lunch from the end of breakfast to 5pm
Dinner to 9:30 pm

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Meetthe owners

Making delicious food since 1992
Peyton and I moved here from Philadelphia 25 years ago and opened the Roadhouse one year later. We immediately knew that Santa Fe was our new home.

When we started Harry’s Roadhouse in the summer of 1992, our expectations were modest. We had three or four employees and the early years were a real challenge. The building was falling apart, the kitchen inadequate, the only bathroom (with one toilet) was right by the front door, and Harry was pretty much a full time handyman. In 1998, we finally got approval to rebuild the Roadhouse. Our goal was to keep the same vibe, but have decent bathrooms, a modern kitchen and new plumbing and electrical so that Harry could be a restauranteur, not a handyman. We also got a Liquor License (hence the refreshing margaritas) and an espresso machine.  And life and the restaurant have been better ever since.

We always imagined Harry’s Roadhouse as a neighborhood restaurant with good food, an innovative menu and a gathering place for the whole neighborhood, rich and poor; local and tourist; vegetarian and meat eaters; young and old. The support from the community was, and continues to be, overwhelming. It gives all of us, at the Roadhouse, the energy that fuels the restaurant.

We love to spend our free time outdoors, skiing, biking and hiking, as well as taking in the wonderful Arts and Culture here. The diversity and multi-cultural community of Santa Fe inspire us to keep doing our best and to continue evolving, while keeping the standards and comforts that our customers enjoy.


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Harry’s Roadhouse
96 B Old Las Vegas Highway, Santa Fe, NM

Breakfast 7am to 11am Mon-Fri, Sat to 12pm, Sun to 1pm
Lunch 11am to 5pm Mon-Fri, Sat to 12pm, Sun to 1pm
Dinner 5pm to 9:30 all week